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 Asbee Crystals (What do they drop?)

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Asbee Crystals (What do they drop?) Empty
PostSubject: Asbee Crystals (What do they drop?)   Asbee Crystals (What do they drop?) EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 5:28 am

Here is the total list of things you can get from Asbee Crystals turnins... You decide whether it's worth wasting something that you can easily make 700s apiece on. Wink I'm going to make it my mission to document the results I get from turning them in, so that we have some sort of reliable basis on the drop rates (sortof). Or at least just for fun. Here is what you can get from each NPC in each area (so far)!

Tranquil Hill (3 Asbee Crystals)
5x HP Potion I
5x MP Potion I
3x HP Potion II
3x MP Potion II
5x Guard Scroll Lv20
3x Weapon Scroll Lv20
1x Beast Summon Flute I
1x Hypnotic Pistol-Yak
1x Irritable Bison Hoof

Goss Mountains (6 Asbee Crystals)
1x Strength Potion I
1x Agility Potion I
1x Intelligence Potion I
1x Wisdom Potion I
1x Luck Potion I
5x Guard Scroll Lv30
3x Weapon Scroll Lv30
1x Beast Summon Flute II
1x Hypnotic Pistol-Rockman
1x Irrational Mushroid Tears

Wetlands (18 Asbee Crystals)
3x HP Potion III
3x MP Potion III
2x Energy Explosion Potion Lv1
2x Mana Explosion Potion Lv1
2x Complete Support Potion Lv1
5x Guard Scroll Lv40
3x Weapon Scroll Lv40
1x Beast Summon Flute III
1x Hypnotic Pistol-Imp
1x Putrid Forest Pixie Flower

Golden Plains (24 Asbee Crystals)
1x Strength Potion II
1x Agility Potion II
1x Intelligence Potion II
1x Wisdom Potion II
1x Luck Potion II
5x Guard Scroll Lv50
3x Weapon Scroll Lv50
1x Beast Summon Flute IV
1x Hypnotic Pistol-Leaf Sprite
1x Tiny Drake Fang
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Asbee Crystals (What do they drop?)
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