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 Asbee Crystals (Golden Plains)

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Asbee Crystals (Golden Plains) Empty
PostSubject: Asbee Crystals (Golden Plains)   Asbee Crystals (Golden Plains) EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 5:36 am

Here is a study where a Taiwanese guy documented 100 turn-ins of Asbee Crystals in the Golden Plains.

Here's what he got:
  • x14 Luck Potion II
  • x14 Beast Summon Flute IV
  • x13 Weapon Scroll Lv50
  • x12 Agility Potion II
  • x12 Wisdom Potion II
  • x12 Guard Scroll Lv50
  • x9 Intelligence Potion II
  • x8 Strength Potion II
  • x5 Hypnotic Pistol- Leaf Sprite
  • x1 Tiny Drake Fang

*NOTE: These are the number of times he got each reward, not the total number of each item he got. The weapon and guard scrolls come in packs of 3 and 5, respectively. Everything else comes in packs of ONE (Ie. ONE Intelligence Potion II, etc.)

Just add a % behind the amount of times he got the item to find out what the percentage is, silly! (Ie. x14 = 14%)
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Asbee Crystals (Golden Plains)
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