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 Free Loot Box! How to get Free AP Items!

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PostSubject: Free Loot Box! How to get Free AP Items!   Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:55 am

In case some of you didn't know, Eden Eternal allows you to draw from a random AP prize box once every hour to get a free random item. You can go to the main website and click on Item Mall > Free Rewards to claim it. You can even access it from your cellphone!

Here's what it says you can get:
  • x1 Eden Crystal
  • x3 World Call
  • x1 World Call (NT)
  • x1 Random Clothes Color No.10
  • x1 Random Headwear Color No.10
  • x1 Repair Hammer
  • x1 Guard Scroll Lv20
  • x1 Guard Scroll Lv50
  • x1 Guard Scroll Lv60
  • x1 Power Scroll Lv20
  • x1 Power Scroll Lv50
  • x1 Power Scroll Lv60
  • x1 Health Potion I (NT)
  • x1 Health Potion III
  • x1 Mana Potion III
  • x1 Rugged Razorback
  • x1 Safety Stone (NT)
  • x1 7-Slot Bag (NT)
  • x1 Rugged Sabretooth

Here is what I've actually gotten (to show rarity):
  • x6 Mana Potion I (NT)
  • x6 Power Scroll Lv20
  • x6 Power Scroll Lv50
  • x5 World Call (NT)
  • x4 Health Potion I (NT)
  • x3 Guard Scroll Lv20
  • x3 Guard Scroll Lv50
  • x3 Guard Scroll Lv60
  • x3 Random Clothes Color No.10
  • x3 Random Headwear Color No.10
  • x1 Guard Scroll Lv60
  • x1 World Call (x3)

This does not count the ridiculous amount of Oops - this box is empty!
Yes. Your box can be empty.
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Free Loot Box! How to get Free AP Items!
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