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 Music that makes you dumb...?

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Apostle In Triumph

Apostle In Triumph

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PostSubject: Music that makes you dumb...?   Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:20 pm

Anyone notice the fatal (oh, very fatal) flaws in her "scientific" experiment?

Comment on it below, please. ^^

Don't take this bullshit seriously, and listen to whatever you like to listen to o3o. Oh and just for future reference, psychologically sometimes listening to music helps increase your workrate, but it varies. For example, listening to hip hop with intricate lyrics would decrease your workrate for you'd have to concentrate on the work as well as the lyrics to understand them (and considering your mindset would be like "the use of poetic techniques and rhythmic devices applied to the lyrics are an integral factor of what defines the art of rapping over a hip-hop track", your concentration would hence divert away from your work and eventually converge towards the hip hop Razz). And thus it is better to listen to purely instrumental music, or if you are a musician (or someone who understands the machinations...thanks Patrick Star for teaching me that word ^^...of a musical piece, ie. concepts of music), then to increase your workrate, you should listen to simple (or thinly/simply layered) music that you'd still prefer over something that you'd hate with passion.

Oh and I know she does state a flaw in her work. But I want to rub it in her my mind, 'cause I'm immature like that.

PS. I miss you, Erica. You were like the big sister I never had the chance have. xD
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Owl Flynn
Owl Flynn

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PostSubject: Re: Music that makes you dumb...?   Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:00 pm

Aw hunny bunny. <3 We miss you too. I hope things are going good for you these days?

I've been sick lately so I haven't had the time to check on the forum even more-so than usual. XD But that sounds like an interesting experiment... Hmmm.

I'm not surprised to see that Beethoven would be linked with the high scores haha. Everything else is kind of jumbled together though!


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Music that makes you dumb...?
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