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 Time Adventure Designs

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PostSubject: Time Adventure Designs   Time Adventure Designs EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 6:44 pm

Hello Friends I love your page when I am a fan of adventure, I'm a student and graphic designer I specialize in illustrations recently did two designs for shirts I hope you like the first is based on the popular song style ¨ ¨ Gangnam style and the second based in final fantasy 7 game

if you like the designs share them on facebook or if they want they can buy products as tshirts, stickers, iphone cases etc.. in redbubble dot com search me as jmlfreeman and they send you to your home Smile

Thanks Regards i hope you like
Time Adventure Designs Redbubbleipadtempl55at5

Time Adventure Designs Templ9

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Time Adventure Designs
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