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 Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment)

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Owl Flynn
Owl Flynn

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Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment) Empty
PostSubject: Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment)   Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment) EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 10:55 pm

As a Ninja-Scout your job will be recruiting new members! If you could go from area to area and shout for new members, OR use the world chat system to make a post about our guild, that would be rockin'!

What I usually do is copy paste this:

Now recruiting new members for [AdventureTime]! A fun and helpful social guild now with a guild town! =] Whisper me if you're interested, all lvls welcome!

You're welcome to make alterations or write it out in your own way. I just want it to be like this sorta. Also make sure not to make your post too big or else it might just annoy people and get bumped down faster. Also please don't spam either; maybe post up your message with at least 3 minute intervals.

Currently we do not have any restrictions for those who want to become a Recruiter! You just need to be ready to recruit new members.

Also there's not much requirements to join the guild. Any level is accepted currently.

If you have any questions be sure to ask. :3

Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment) Teapartyskyemachina Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment) Tealumpyskyemachina Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment) Bigeyesfinnpandaparfait Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment) Scienceskymachina
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Looking for Ninja-Scouts (Guild recruitment)
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